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Located on an island across the strait from Taiwan, Xiamen was one of the first Special Economic Zones established by the central government. Xiamen boasts one of the most vibrant economies in Southeast China and has been honored by the World Bank as one of China’s six “Golden cities” (a measure of investment climate, harmoniousness, governance and other measures). Xiamen is widely regarded as one of the cleanest cities in China and is home to the country’s seventh largest port and fourth largest airport. The United States is Xiamen’s second largest trading partner, after Taiwan, and supplies 11% of the city’s imports.

Leading Industries

Xiamen’s key manufacturing industries are electronics & IT, machinery, and chemicals. US IT companies like Dell for example, have a large presence in the city’s HI-Tech Industrial Development Zones. These three industries account for more than 40% of the city’s total industrial output. In 2008, the industry was worth US $44.74 billion. In the machinery industry, Xiamen excels at production of engineering machinery and power distribution equipment. Other important products produced here include pharmaceuticals, textiles, foodstuffs, building materials and tungsten products.

Many of these products are exported, while imports into China through the port of Xiamen are also significant. In 2008, the total volume of imports and exports amounted to US$45.4 billion. Of that figure imports totaled US$15 billion. Looking toward the future, the city plans to hasten development of three service industries: logistics, aviation maintenance and tourism.

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