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U.S. Commercial Center, Shanghai

Conference Center Renting Guidelines

The Foreign Commercial Service in Shanghai, the Commercial Section of the U.S. Consulate, provides conference room rental for U.S. companies needing space to promote their products and services in China. The U.S. Commercial Service has three conference rooms located in the Shanghai Center:

  • The Continental Room – a 90 square meter (963 square feet) conference/presentation room that can be separated into two smaller spaces if needed.
  • The Washington Room – a 10 square meter (110 square feet) conference/meeting room
  • The Arizona Room – a 5 square meter (50 square feet) room for smaller meetings

Conference Room Overview

Continental Room (up to 60 people comfortably)

New York and Southeast Rooms (up to 22 people comfortably)

Washington Room (up to 11 people comfortably)

Arizona / Hawaii Rooms (each up to 4 people)


The conference room rental is pending according to different size and time. For detailed information, please contact CS office at

Clarke Zhang

86 21 6279 8770

158 0077 6180

Email: clarke.zhang@trade.gov

  • *A/V equipment is free which includes 2 multimedia projectors with 2 white boards, 1 microphone, 2 wireless microphones and 1 podium.
  • *FCS SH Staff are responsible for coordination and set-up.

Overtime Charges:

We are required to charge overtime for staff working before 8:00 am or after 5:00 pm, and also 12:00 – 1:00PM

For events that start at 8:15 or earlier, or end at 4:45 or later, we will charge a minimum of one/hour of overtime at $10/hour (2x on weekends and 3x on holidays). This charge includes staff and security services.

Cleaning Charge (Pending):

We are required to charge a cleaning fee of $50 if food and drinks are taken into the conference room.


We are required to do security check for all visitors that include x-ray door checks, bag checks and passport / ID checks. All visitors need to obey the security check guidelines when attending meetings or events.

Floor Plan

Setup Pictures

Catering & Coffee Service

Video Conferencing Program