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Trade Policy Help

Office of China Economic Area (OCEA)

International Trade Specialists at the Department of Commerce’s OCEA work closely with companies to address and eliminate barriers to trade. A company may experience a market access barrier when local policies and regulations make it difficult for that company to enter a certain foreign market. Since China’s accession to the WTO in December of 2001, OCEA has helped hundreds of companies, from large to small, break down market access barriers and do business in China. Regulatory and policy related barriers are among the most significant reasons why companies may fail or are halted in carrying out business operations in China. Compliance problems include less favorable treatment for foreign goods and services, intellectual property infringement, standards barriers, and obstacles to procuring licenses and contracts, among a host of others. OCEA staff cover China including Hong Kong, Macau, and Mongolia.

The office monitors China’s compliance with its WTO agreements, coordinates the annual U.S.-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade dialogue between the Department of Commerce, The Office of the United States Trade Representative and China’s Ministry of Commerce, provides one-on-one business development counseling for U.S. companies facing trade barriers in China, and sponsors and conducts WTO-related capacity building training in China. OCEA staff also meet regularly with Chinese delegations in Washington, DC, and advise and brief senior Commerce Department officials on issues of concern to the U.S. business community.

You can reach OCEA at 202-482-5527, or via email at macoap-ocea@ita.doc.gov.