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Gold Key Service (GKS)

Visiting China? The Gold Key Service identifies and arranges appointments with the key players you need to meet to break into the China market.

Appointments: Knowledgeable Commercial Service trade specialists set up appointments with fundamental contacts such as potential agents and distributors, major end-users, and key government officials. With access to a broad cross-section of contacts you will be sure to meet the right people at the right levels. Contact us today to request the Gold Key Service.

The Gold Key Service is tailored to your needs, we help you:

  • Find sales representation
  • Gauge the market
  • Assess the business environment
  • Explore a joint venture
  • Gauge regulatory requirements
  • Assess the competition

We help you get in touch with whom you would like to meet. Just tell us who:

  • Agents & distributors
  • End users/potential customers
  • Producers, trade associations
  • Government officials
  • Bankers, consultants, lawyers
  • US business people/joint ventures

Embassy/Consulate Briefing: To take full advantage of your trip to China, the Commercial Service provides a special briefing on tips to doing business in China, the local business environment and the US-China relationship. We will also introduce you to a wide variety of services, provide you with research reports and other resources to help you obtain timely, relevant information on the China market. Please note, Embassy and Consulate staff will not normally accompany you to your meetings.

Visa application: Please note that CS China does not assist in the visa application process. A visa can be obtained conveniently at any Chinese Embassy or Consulate in the U.S.

The U.S. Commercial Service will supply you with the Gold Key application package and step-by-step instructions. We request six weeks lead time from the when we receive all materials. Each post is solely responsible for its own specific Gold Key Service.

Cost-effective: For more fee information, please click here.