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Video Gold Key Matching Service

John Hopkins Videoconference

The Video Gold Key is intended to provide clients an opportunity to conduct initial interviews with prospective business partners prior to visiting a country, to obtain feedback regarding the market for their product, and as a result, to use their time in-country more efficiently and effectively. The Video Gold Key is not normally intended to substitute for a country visit, although there have been cases where a company made significant strides toward closing a deal and even made sales prior to visiting as a result of a Video Gold Key.

The Video Gold Key is implemented exactly like a regular Gold Key, with the exception that the in-country portion is conducted as a videoconference. Posts will endeavor to provide 4 high quality appointments according to the profile provided by the U.S. client. Videoconference appointments will be scheduled at the convenience of all parties, and they need not all be on the same day. Each appointment will be for one hour unless otherwise requested by the client. In the event of a "no-show" on the foreign side, at least one attempt will be made to reschedule the meeting.

The name Video Gold Key takes advantage of identification with our best known and most successful brand, the Gold Key. The term already has been in widespread use to describe pilot efforts. For anyone familiar with our Gold Key, the name is almost self-descriptive and therefore easier to immediately grasp and to explain to clients.

The Commercial Service's new videoconferencing services provide you with the opportunity to hold interactive, real-time meetings with market experts, international buyers and distributors at a fraction of the cost of overseas travel.

Video Market Briefing

The Video Market Briefing provides time-sensitive, custom market research for your specific products and services. Benefits include a market entry evaluation and written report, then a follow-up videoconference with an industry professional so you can get immediate answers to your market questions Prices vary according to location.

Video Gold Key

The Video Gold Key helps you identify and meet with qualified international partners. This service offers 3-5 scheduled meetings with prescreened business partners and an industry briefing with trade professionals. All meetings take place via videoconference, saving you time and travel expenses. Prices vary according to location.

Video Meeting

Do you want to meet "face to face" with international distributors or agents without traveling? The Video Meeting enhances communication with international business contacts.

Cost: $1,000 for a conference originating from Bogota; it costs less from a USEAC location. Pls. contact your nearest USEAC.

Delivery: 7-9 weeks advance scheduling required.

Description: Tailored program that allows U.S. businesses to have an initial contact with potential Colombian firms via a videoconferencing system. Program includes counseling on market conditions, and identifying potential local partners. Includes a schedule of 8 appointments in two hours of video conference. When conference originates from a USEAC, $250 will be charged for overhead costs in Bogota.

For more information, send email to Nicole.DeSilvis@trade.gov