U.S. Department of Commerce                          
Middletown Export Assistance Center

213 Court Street, Suite 903             
Middletown, CT 06457    
Phone: 860-638-6950
Fax: 860-638-6970 
Email: Office.Middletown@trade.gov

Anne S. Evans, Director
Phone: 860-638-6953
Email: Anne.Evans@trade.gov
Industry Specialties: Automotive, Environmental

Melissa Grosso, Senior International Trade Specialist
Phone: 860-638-6955
Email: Melissa.Grosso@trade.gov
Industry Specialties: Aerospace and Defense, Healthcare/Medical Devices

Anthony Sargis, International Trade Specialist
Phone: 860-638-6954
Email: Anthony.Sargis@trade.gov

Industry Specialties: Marine, Education, Oil & Gas

Jacqui Torcellini, SBDC-New to Export Trade Specialist

Phone: 860-638-6952
Email: Jacqui.Torcellini@trade.gov

Cheryl McClellan, Market Research Specialist

Phone: 860-638-6951

Email: Cheryl.Mcclellan@trade.gov