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Study in the United States

Discover Yourself in America

Study in the U.S., maintained by the U.S. Embassy in Zagreb, provides information about study opportunities in the United States.

U.S. Government Scholarships provides information about programs administered in Croatia by the U.S. Embassy in Zagreb, in cooperation with the Ministry of Science, Education, and Sports.

ThinkEducationUSA.com is the new multimedia website where international students can search for a U.S. college or university that meets their academic and career goals -- and where they can learn about living and studying in the United States.

US College Search has a wealth of information for people looking to continue their education in the U.S., find the right school or college, and succeed in all of their life endeavors.

Technical-Schools-Guide.com offers an ever-expanding list of technical classes and technical degree programs in the U.S., from graphic design to computer programming.