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International Buyer Program

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Showcase Global Industry Focused Promotion (IFP) Trade Lead Program

Looking for high-quality suppliers? Let the U.S. Commercial Service help you find the best U.S. suppliers to meet your needs.

The U.S. companies listed on the Industry Focused Promotion trade lead online platform, which will soon be featured here, are interested in making contacts with potential partners worldwide. Should you have an interest in any of them, we can help foreign buyers, distributors, agents, importers, etc. to connect with them. Simply select the U.S. companies that are of interest to you and receive their contact information while yours is sent to them. Choose to have the U.S. Commercial Service make the introductions or meet these companies independently.

This program is designed to generate relevant business leads for the U.S. companies it features, based on their stated objectives. In order to help us ensure the highest level of service to you and all participating firms, we ask that you please be discriminating when making your selection. Thank you!