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Aircraft & Aircraft Parts

Commercial Specialist responsible for the sector:

Hana Obrusnikova, Hana.Obrusnikova@trade.gov

Reports available to US companies upon request:

Aerospace market in the Czech Republic (2008)


With a well-managed, rapidly expanding, and soon to be privatized Prague airport, the Czech national airline, CSA, which is also in the pipeline for privatization, the Czech Republic promises to be a continuing consumer of aircraft parts and services.  While the decision of Czech Airlines to choose Airbus for its next major purchase put a major dent in a once overwhelming U.S. market share, Czechs retain a respect for U.S. aircrafts, and U.S. companies should continue to pay close attention not only to this market, but also to the private business jet market.  As commercial jet check-in procedures become ever more complicated, private business jet travel is grabbing a bigger share of the market.  To meet the demand, some Czech-based operators are adding aircrafts to their fleets and U.S. companies should keep an eye on this promising market.