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Commercial Specialist responsible for the sector:

Zdenek Svoboda, Zdenek.Svoboda@trade.gov

Reports available to US companies upon request:

Automotive Market in the Czech Republic (2009)

Automotive Market in the Czech Republic (2008)

Automotive Parts Market in the Czech Republic (2007)


The Czech automotive industry has dominated the national economy and represented roughly 20% of its GDP in 2008.  It is likely to be a negative scenario in 2009.  As in most of the world, the automotive industry has been hit hard by the global financial crisis and it is predicted that there will be a 20-30 percent fall in sales throughout the EU (the main export market) in 2009.

However, Czech output of motor vehicles reached a record level in 2008.  Output of road vehicles grew by 0.81 percent to 947,372 units.  Output of light utility and passenger cars, which made up the biggest share of total car production, grew by 0.89 percent to 939,600 units.  Nevertheless, in January-September 2008, car production grew by 9.5 percent and car producers had hoped that in early autumn that annual output would exceed one million units.  While total passenger car sales in EU fell 7.8 percent, Czech car sales increased 8.4 percent in 2008.