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Commercial Specialist responsible for the sector:

Hana Obrusnikova, Hana.Obrusnikova@trade.gov

Reports available to US companies upon request:

Renewable energy market in the Czech Republic (2011)

Smart Grids in the Czech Republic (2011)

Nuclear Energy in the Czech Republic (2010)

Energy market in the Czech Republic (2010)


The general electricity generation system will rely on the exhaustion of the remaining reserves of brown coal and nuclear energy.  The potential of water energy is already being utilized at a high capacity.  Renewable energy sources currently supply 4.8% of Czech Republic’s primary needs.  This share should be raised to 8% by 2010. Biomass is considered the most important source of renewable energy while wind, solar, and hydropowered sources are limited due to the country’s natural conditions.

Opportunities in the Czech energy sector in the upcoming year will originate from projects introduced by the dominant Czech power generator – Czech Energy Works (CEZ).  CEZ owns coal-fired power plants accounting for 56 percent of energy generation that will reach the end of their expected working life within four years. Retrofitting, modernization and construction of several power plants controlled by CEZ represent promising export potential for U.S. companies.