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Security & Safety

Commercial Specialist responsible for the sector:

Luda Taylor, Luda.Taylor@trade.gov

Reports available to US companies upon request:

Security and Safety Equipment Market in the Czech Republic (2009)


Security equipment and services in the Czech Republic continue to be a top priority for the Government. The private sector is increasingly aware of the necessity to install / update security equipment and to provide a secure environment for employees / buildings. These factors play a key role in creating an enhanced security market in the Czech Republic. As the world faces the continuous threat of terrorist attacks, the Government and Czech consumers are becoming increasingly security conscious. The market for safety and security equipment has grown rapidly in recent years, with annual increases of 10-12% and is expected to continue, even accelerate, as Czech purchasing power increases.

Czech domestic security companies offers a high-tech electronic system components, training and equipment services. The market offers very high potential for U.S. equipment, especially in the category of up-to-date electronic systems. U.S. companies should seek out Czech agents, distributors, and partners to secure prime footholds in the Czech market and in neighboring Central and Eastern European countries. Among the less sophisticated components in demand are iron bars, grille and safety doors.