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Textile & Apparel

Commercial Specialist responsible for the sector:

Jana Ruckerova, Jana.Ruckerova@trade.gov


The Czech luxury fashion market is gathering steam.  Thanks to its advantageous geographical position in the center of Europe and favorable economic development, Prague has become the center of attention for world-renowned designer fashion brands. More and more Czechs are interested in fashion, read fashion magazines, watch trends and consult experts on their wardrobe.  As the presence of reputable fashion houses has been insufficient until recently, the rising demand resulted in the growing number of new stores emerging in the market.

Great opportunities also exist for mid-market apparel.  The demand for mid-priced apparel in the Czech Republic is rising and the supply is not sufficient.  A quality offering in the mid-priced apparel market is missing and several new brands would prosper here. The sales in the textile and apparel market have been accelerating in the last 3 years. The market has risen by 4% in 2006, it accelerated 12% in 2007, and maintained continued growth in 2008 despite the financial crisis.