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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I need legal assistance in the Czech Republic. Where can I get a list of lawyers?

List of selected lawyers is available under Business Service Provider icon in left navigation bar on our web pages.

Do you have a list of hotels in Prague?

List of selected hotels is available under Business Service Provider icon in left navigation bar on our web pages.

How can I identify a prospective Czech buyer or a sales agent?

Take advantage of one of U.S. Commercial Service services – Contact List, International Partner Search (IPS) or Gold Key (GKS). More information is available in Service for U.S. companies section in right navigation.

How can I check the background of a potential Czech partner?

Take advantage of International Company Profile (ICP) service prepared by the U.S. Commercial Service.

Can U.S. government help me in tenders or in commercial disputes?

Yes, U.S. Commercial Service can assist you through free Advocacy service.

Where can I find information on United States embargoes and sanctions?

Information is available on Office of Foreign Assets Control web pages.

Where can I find statistical information about the United States and the Czech Republic?

You can visit one of the following web pages: http://www.census.gov, http://tse.export.gov, http://comtrade.un.org/db/or http://dataweb.usitc.gov

Where can I learn more about CE mark? Do I need it to sell my products in the Czech Republic?

More information can be found on following web pages http://www.export.gov/cemark or through US Commercial Service EU office in Brussels.

How can I find market information on a specific industry in the Czech Republic?

For basic information you can review our Country Commercial Guide. More detailed information can be obtained by contacting respective Commercial Specialist.

I have never exported before; can you give me some guidance on where to start?

You can contact U.S. Commercial Service Export Assistance Center in your area. Some basic information on exporting basics can be also found on www.sba.gov/index.html

Where can I find more information about international shipping and logistics?

More information is available on http://www.export.gov/logistics You can also contact one of U.S. Commercial Service logistics partners to obtain assistance.

Where can I find information on evaluating locations to set up an office or manufacturing facility?

More information can obtained through Czechinvest agency.

How can I claim VAT refund?

More information on this topic including the forms to fill in is available the Czech Directorate of Customs web pages.

Where can I find a list of U.S. companies active in the Czech market?

Contact American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic.