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Industry Sector Analysis (ISA)

An Industry Sector Analysis (ISA) is a market research report on a selected industry sector. These reports are prepared by our industry specialists and are free of charge for U.S. companies. All the reports are available to US companies through the Market Research Library. You can also request the latest reports – see the list below - on office.prague@trade.gov

Please note that our market research is available to U.S. companies only!


o Aviation

o Czech Trade Fair Environment

o Energy

o Hair Care

o Nail Care

o Perfumes & Toiletries

o Plastics


o Pleasure Boats

o Veterinary Equipment & Services


o Biogas

o Commercial Vehicles, Buses & Tractors

o Data Protection, Safety & Storage

o Foreign Degree Programs in the Czech Republic

o Motorcycles

o Pet Food & Accessories

o Renewable Energy

o Skin Care & Make-up

o Smart Grids

o Solar Thermal & Energy

o Transportation Safety & Security


o Real Estate Franchising

o Health Care IT

o Air Pollution Technologies

o Airports

o Plastics

o Smart Grids

o Aviation

o Franchising

o Automotive

o Electric Vehicles

o Nuclear Energy

o Consumer Electronics


o Automotive

o Browfields & Remediation

o Children Books

o Dental

o Eye Care

o Marine Equipment

o Renewable Energy

o Security & Safety Equipment

o Travel & Tourism

o Water & Wastewater