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Market Research on the Czech Republic

Our commercial specialists provide regular reports on market opportunities and trade leads throughout the Czech Republic.

Country Commercial Guide

This guide describes the economic and commercial environment of the Czech Republic, including best potential market sectors, trade regulations etc. If you wish to see our latest and complete Country Commercial Guide (CCG), please click HERE.

Industry Sector Analysis (ISA)

An Industry Sector Analysis (ISA) is a market research report on a selected industry sector. These reports are prepared by our industry specialists and are free of charge for U.S. companies. All the reports are available to US companies through the Market Research Library. The list of the latest Czech Republic reports is available here.

Customized Market Research

Customized Market Research (CMR) is designed to meet the specific needs of the client. CMR answers specific questions such as the overall marketability of a product or service, market trends and size, customary distribution and promotion practices, market entry requirements, regulations, product standards and registration, key competitors, and potential agents, distributors, and/or strategic partners. The client has the flexibility to design his/her own set of questions if desired.

Cost: Variable, based on Scope of Work

Delivery: Based on Scope of Work

Contact: office.prague@trade.gov

Please note that our market research is available to U.S. companies only!