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What do our clients say – IPS

April 2013 / IPS for CEC Entertainment, Inc.

“Yes, Jana Ruckerova was exceptionally helpful, knowledgeable and attentive, she made the entire process so much better.” Carlos de Leon, CEC Entertainment Inc.

November 2012 / IPS for AMI Entertainment

“Zdenek was great, one of the best CS employees I have ever worked with. I've worked with the CS for over 20 years and he is on the top of my list.” Mr. Bob Fay, AMI Entertainment Network, Inc.

December 2011 / IPS for Ulthera

“This is the second Search that Mrs. Novakova has performed for me (2 different companies) and I have found her service, speed and follow-up to be exceptional.” Mr. Ed Farrell, Ulthera

June 2011 / IPS for UXL

“Veronika Novakova was amazing to work with... She did a lot of work on our behalf and it turned out to be very successful. Also would like to thank Mr. Chris Damm from San Jose office for his continued hard work and time in helping set up all our IPS.” Mr. Leigh Lindenbaum, Universal Exports Limited

December 2010 / IPS for Scar Heal

"So far, we are very happy with this service and we have what look like excellent leads." Mr. Glenn Joyner, Scar Heal

September 2009 / IPS for Nivisys Industries, LLC

"The commercial office in Prague did a very good job. Pursuant to further due diligence background investigation, Nivisys will most likely sign up one of the recommended partners as its exclusive representative for the Czech Republic." Mr. Allen Harding, Nivisys Industries, LLC

September 2009 / IPS Dimco Gray

"Zdenek did an excellent job researching and contacting distributors. The rest is up to us!" Mr. Mike Sieron, Dimco Gray

August 2009 / IPS Graham Engineering Corp.

"The Prague office has always provided prompt, friendly services. I would definitely recommend their services to other US based companies looking for support to enter the market in the Czech Republic." Mr. Brian Dowler ,Graham Engineering Corporation

October 2008 / IPS GMD

"Many THANKS for this outstanding report. This is going to be very useful......Once again, thank you very much for your wonderful collaboration." Mr. Jean-Philippe Allar, GMD

May 2008 / IPS Office 1 Superstores Int.

"Jana, you wrote an excellent report and worked very hard.....I know you put in many many hours on this exceptional report ....... we appreciate your good work." Mr. Mark Baccash, Office 1 Superstores Int.