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Single Company Promotion (SCP)

U.S. Commercial Service Prague can help you launch your new product or service, introduce new activities or projects, celebrate your company anniversaries, etc. by assisting in organizing seminars, receptions or other activities. Our low-cost support program is designed to help U.S. exporters get maximum exposure for minimum cost. We can work directly with you or with your authorized Czech agent/distributor. We can help you to organize your event at the hotel or other space of your choice.

In some cases, the Residence of the U.S. Ambassador Prague is also an option. Number of guests for a sit-down event/seminar is limited to 60 – 70. For reception the number can be up to 120 invitees. Typically, the program lasts for two hours – first part being seminar focused on the company & product introduction, second networking reception.

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Starting at $2,000 basic fee for events organized at the Residence of the U.S. Ambassador to Prague. (Note: price does not include catering costs as well as costs of any non-standard services related to the event). The fee for events organized at a non-USG facility vary depending on the complexity of the service provided. Please contact us for more details.

   Minimum six weeks advance notice required for best results