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Highlights of Past Events

Revolutionary New Educational System of Preschool-Age Children Finally in the Czech Republic

December 10, 2013


FasTracKids offers early learning programs for children from 6 months up to 8 years.

Finally children in the Czech Republic can benefit from a unique educational system provided by FasTracKids, a proven innovator in international early childhood education. On December 9, FasTracKids, which has been ranked by Entrepreneur magazine among the Top 500 franchise organizations around the world, opened the first Czech Enrichment Center in Prague at Těšnov. The U.S. Embassy took over the patronage of this opening.

Meet "pre-MBA"
FasTracKids, an award-winning educational program benefits from the most technologically advanced international concept of pre-school education. Due to these advanced methods it is often referred to as a "pre-MBA"

Since 1988 children have been prepared for school and life through FasTracKids interactive methods and modern technologies. At FasTracKids centers offer a variety of programs for children from 6 months to 8 years learn to develop creative thinking, manage a team, solve problems and apply knowledge and skills in everyday life. They acquire communication and speaking skills and other essential skills needed in the modern-day world. Their education is a fun, interactive adventure that children enjoy immensely. The newly opened Prague educational centre features a fully equiped business center with free Wi-Fi and a printer where parents can wait for their children over a cup of coffee. A playroom for the children is also available.

The FasTracKids educational system puts a great emphasis on individual needs and unique abilities of each child, because we believe every child has a talent that needs to be discovered and developed. The FasTracKids basic program is designed for children from 3 to 8 years with children attending a two-hour class once a week. The class has a maximum of 8 children and the complete learning cycle lasts two years. To start is possible at almost any time as the program has modular thematic topics, each lasting 2 months. "Although at first glance it may not seem so, the main goal is to develop the soft skills of the children," says Martin Chalupský, founder of FasTracKids in the Czech Republic.

"I am very glad to see FasTracKids worldwide growth and success as more and more parents recognize the benefits of our educational programs. We at FasTracKids believe that we will  be able to change the perception Czech parents have of the pre-school education, " says Nancy Faunce, Prezident and CEO FasTracKids International, who attended the opening in Prague.

Free trial lesson
"We want to give families a chance to come and try our teaching programs, so we have prepared a special event for them. It is now possible to sign up for a free trial lesson at our website www.FasTracKids.cz. Those  who come by the end of the year have a chance to win two months free education," says Martin Chalupsky, founder of FasTracKids in the Czech Republic.

Invitation to the Open Day
The Open Day will take place on Saturday January 11th,  2014. The whole family is welcome in the Prague FasTracKids areas from 10 am to 5 pm.

Information Technologies in Health Care? American Experience Shows It’s A Right Trend

February 21, 2011

 (pediatrist and MP) and Lukas Velev (Director, Jihlava Hospital).

Participants of a seminar on eHealth and telemedicine.

Why and how should information technologies be used in health care?  Answers to these questions were researched at the seminar “New Horizons in E-Health and Telemedicine: American Experience” by Czech professionals that participated in the program offered by the U.S. State Department. A seminar held on February 16 on the premises of the Czech Parliament confirmed that the use of information technology for sharing patient medical records in the health care systems is the right trend for making the health care system more effective and health care services safer.

The seminar panelists were Patricie Kotalikova, pediatrist, MP and Member of the Czech Parliament Health Care Committee, Lukas Velev, Director, Jihlava Hospital,  Jan Marounek, Cardiac Surgeon, Na Homolce Hospital, and Stanislav Havlicek, Vice President, Czech Pharmacists’ Chamber.

In September, 2011, the health care and medical experts participated on the project “E-Health and Telemedicine: Reaching for New Horizons” which was coordinated in the framework of the International Visitor Leadership Program by the U.S. State Department. They visited several medical institutions and health care facilities in Washington, D.C., in Texas, California, Indiana and Florida.  They also had an opportunity to get acquainted with the implementation of information technology in the health care.   

They shared their experience on video.

Five major U.S. cosmetic companies presented at “Trends in U.S. Cosmetics and Lifestyle” event

December 6 2011

U.S. Embassy Prague, in cooperation with five major American beauty and healthcare companies, organized a “Trends in U.S. Cosmetics and Lifestyle” event on December 6. Amway, Avon, Estee Lauder (including Clinique), Johnson & Johnson, and Mary Kay introduced their products at a mini-trade fair held in the residence of U.S. Ambassador Norman Eisen.

AMWAY: Amway is the largest direct selling company in the world. In the Czech Republic the company has been active since 1994, introducing not only cosmetic and beauty lines, but more than 200 additional consumer products. Amway is active in a number of philanthropic projects in the Czech Republic, cooperating with UNICEF among others.

AVON: A leader in direct selling, Avon Cosmetics is present in more than fifty countries. A company for women, Avon not only provides beauty products, but also serves as a means for women to pursue their entrepreneurial goals. At the same time, through its philanthropic projects, it positively impacts their lives, addressing women’s issues through projects such as the home violence program and the famous walks against breast cancer. This year Avon celebrated its 125 anniversary and has been present in the Czech and Slovak markets for 20 years.

ESTEE LAUDER: Estee Lauder is an international leader in decorative cosmetics, skin care and fragrances, and at the event also presented its Clinique brand, the first cosmetic brand in the world created by dermatologists. All Clinique products are allergy tested and 100% non-perfumed. Clinique is the most sold brand of skin care in the United States and is available in more than 130 countries in the world.

JOHNSON & JOHNSON: Johnson & Johnson is the largest company in the word that focuses on peoples’ health. For more than 120 years, it has offered the most complete line of products for health care, as well as related complex services ranging from medical devices and diagnostics to pharmaceuticals. Johnson & Johnson supports health also through its cosmetic products, products of personal hygiene/care and OTC drugs. At the event, the company introduced Listerine, Neutrogena, Johnson’s Baby and Compeed from its large portfolio of products.

MARY KAY: Mary Kay products are sold in more than 35 markets worldwide, and the Company’s global independent sales force exceeds 2 million. Founded in 1963, the company has been active in the Czech Republic since 1997 and in the Slovak market since 2000. The company offers unique cosmetics for skin care, body care, decorative cosmetics and fragrances. Mary Kay is against tests on animals and it is a member of PETA organization for animal protection. Barbora Chuecos, general director of Mary Kay (Czech Republic), was recently voted by readers of Hospodarske noviny‘s ihned.cz server as the most important woman in Czech business.

US Embassy partners with FedEx to present the “New Horizons in Czech Healthcare” seminar

November 23, 2011

On November 23, 2011, in cooperation with FedEx Express, the U.S. Embassy organized the health care seminar “New Horizons in Czech Health Care.” Speakers included Patricie Kotalikova, a Member of Parliament’s Health Care Committee; Rene Samek of the International Clinical Research Center in Brno; Carlo Novi from FedEx Express Europe, Middle East, India & Africa; and Kristyna Valentova, representing the non-government organization Rytmus. FedEx is an official global partner of the U.S. Department of Commerce, and the U.S. Commercial Service office in Prague has a long tradition of cooperating with FedEx Express in organizing such industry-focused events and seminars. This was fifth seminar organized jointly with FedEx that reached out to the local business community with a focus on health care.

DynEd Celebrates 1st Anniversary on Czech Market

September 20, 2011


DynEd is the leader in Computer-based English Language Teaching

DynEd, the leader in Computer-based English Language Teaching, whose courses are being successfully used by millions of students all over the world today, has celebrated the first year of doing business in the Czech Republic.

On September 20, Mr.  Ian Adam, CEO of DynEd International, announced worldwide launch of DynEd solution for iPad at the U.S. Ambassador’s Residence. Mr. Jan Brezna, HR director of Kooperativa Pojistovna, a.s. gave a presentation about benefits from DynEd implementation within Kooperativa. The guests were managers and representatives from Czech TOP 100 companies, schools, universities and state administration.

In the Czech Republic DynEd is represented by EdWay, s.r.o., the exclusive Country Management Partner of DynEd Europe B.V. EdWay is serving all types of schools, companies, and individuals throughout the Czech Republic, i.e. all those who realize that excellent communication in English is becoming an essential prerequisite for success in today’s job market.

Pictures from the presentation are available here.

Puerto Rico Coffee Roasters and Alto Grande Presented Alto Grande Super Premium Coffee to the Czech Republic

September 26, 2011

Alto Grande presentation at the U.S. Ambassador's residence.

Alto Grande presentation at the U.S. Ambassador's residence.

Alto Grande is one of only three super premium coffees in the world (together with Blue Mountain of Jamaica and Kona Coffee of Hawaii). Since the 19th century Alto Grande Super Premium Coffee has become the favorite coffee of the Vatican and the royal and imperial courts of Europe and Japan.

This highest quality coffee grown in the mountains of Puerto Rico comes from a variety of shrub known as Arabic. Alto Grande Arabic is of the type Typica, Bourbon and Caturra and has the HB (hard beans) classification. Each Arabic tree only produces one pound of coffee a year; a limited production, but of an unsurpassable quality. Alto Grande Super Premium Coffee is known as “the very best” because its unique Arabic beans are grown under ideal soil and climate conditions and processed to the most exacting standards. Experts enthusiastically describe it as “this rare and exotic Puerto Rican coffee has a very bright, sparkling flavor and a sweet pointed aroma”.

Alto Grande, s.r.o. is the exclusive importer of this coffee to the Czech Republic and Slovakia and was founded in 2011 to enable our coffee lovers and connoisseurs to enjoy the best the world of coffee has to offer.

This coffee may be ordered at www.altogrande.cz where can you find detailed infomation about the coffee.

1,583 Customers Tasted America during the “Taste of America” Festival in Prague

The first-ever festival of American cuisine in the Czech Republic "Taste of America" organized by Alakarte company in cooperation with the U.S. Embassy, took place in Prague  from June 4th through July 4th, 2011.

The festival of American cuisine introduced traditional American cuisine  to the Czech people. Participants had the unique opportunity to taste traditional American dishes at twelve selected Prague restaurants (a lunch for CZK 150 and a dinner for 250 CZK, including a free Coca Cola beverage with any menu) and learn about American cuisine.

During the festival restaurants served typical American dishes, such as American hamburgers and grilled ribs, as well as various regional specialities, such as roast duck, pork carnitas, and „Grandma's Meatloaf.“ 

The ultimate goal of the festival was to introduce the rich diversity of American cuisine, which includes much more then just the well-known fast food, to the Czech people. American cuisine has been shaped by many cultural, historical, and geographical influences, and one must not be surprised to hear that the various  regions of America each have their own types of cuisine. Festival participants picked from 23 different menus according to their tastes, and each menu was equally favored.

„We tried to introduce American cuisine as it really is, and I think we succeeded in doing so,“ says Pavel Suchanek of Alakarte. 1,583 visitors participated at the festival.

The festival also contained  a rich variety of supporting programs, such as screenings of American films,  an exhibition of American cookbooks, a bikini show, and a „Best Chilli Con Carne in Prague“ competition. A concert put on by American musicians at The Iron Curtain Restaurant was the final event of the festival.

List of the participating restaurants offering special American menus:

  • Banditos, Melounová 1654/2, Praha 2
  • Bohemia Bagel Holešovice, Dukelských hrdinů 48, Praha 7
  • Bohemia Bagel Masná, Masná 2, Praha 1
  • Caffrey’s, Staroměstské náměstí 10, Praha 1
  • Iron Curtain, Michalská 12, Praha 1
  • Jáma Bar & Grill, Petrská 23, Praha 1
  • Restaurace Jáma, V Jámě 7, Praha 1
  • Jáma Steakhouse, Ostrovní 26, Praha 1
  • James Joyce, U Obecního dvora 4, Praha 1
  • T.G.I. Friday’s Anděl, Nádražní 110, Praha 5
  • T.G.I. Friday‘s Na Příkopě, Na Příkopě 27, Praha 1
  • T.G.I. Friday‘s Karlova, Karlova 20, Praha 1


Pavel Suchánek, jednatel, ALAKARTE

Tel: 731 486 251; suchanek@alakarte.cz

Jana Ruckerová, obchodní specialistka, Obchodní oddělení, Velvyslanectví USA v Praze

Tel: 602 419 134; jana.ruckerova@trade.gov


Bohemia Bagel festival dish

Czech Republic Sotheby´s International Realty introduced a New Luxury Homes Collection

On Thursday, December 2, the Czech Republic Sotheby´s International Realty held a social-presentation event in the Residence of the US Ambassador in Prague.

The new collection of exclusive properties was presented on the screens of Bang & Olufsen in the premises of the residence. The introductory word was brought by Joseph Pennington, Charge d'Affaires of the USA in the Czech Republic, and Vladimir Gulla, Executive Director of the CR Sotheby´s International Realty. There was a cultural program featuring David Uličník, soloist of the Prague State Opera and member of the 4TET Jiřího Korna. The festive atmosphere was enhanced by Christmas decoration of the residence, special rout and degustation of delicious Italian wines.


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