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U.S. Companies Take Part in World of Beauty & Spa Autumn Fair in Prague

Prague, September 30 – October 1, 2011

rld of Beauty & Spa Autumn Fair Poster

World of Beauty & Spa Autumn Fair Poster

Eight U.S. companies take part in U.S. Commercial Service catalog fair at World of Beauty & Spa Autumn fair on September 30 — October 1, 2011, and display their catalogs at the U.S. Commercial Service booth. U.S. companies participating at the catalog fair are looking for partners/distributors in the Czech Republic. More information about the companies is available below. For more details please contact Veronika.Novakova@trade.gov

Bubalina Beauty
(www.bubalinabeauty.com) has answered the call for products that are feminine to the senses and wonderful for the skin. We’ve developed a line of beautifully scented body sugar scrubs, butters, shower gels, lotions and massage gel oils in both professional and retail sizes. With 14 unique and magnificent scents and sassy feminine packaging, we have a product line that delights salon and spa owners, massage therapists, estheticians and their guests. Bubalina merges the technology of the laboratory – natural/organic formulas, environmentally beneficial packaging and wonderful effects on the skin - to the continuing desire of women to have products that appeal to their femininity. With wonderful "shelf appeal", creative gift packaging and the quality product women want, Bubalina has an overall appeal to both professionals and retail shoppers. Our signature "Bubalina Girls" generate excitement in any establishment.
(www.ecogenics.com) is a USA based company that manufactures and distributes high quality, natural, plant based skin care.  We offer a simple uncomplicated product range which is easy to use and sell, paraben free, contains no animal ingredients nor is tested on animals.  Our product line is simple by design and is based on 5 basic products; 3 daily treatments and 2 weekly treatments. Each product is designed to be multi-functional and is suitable for all skin types.  Individual product usage is customized with the help of the personal skin care profile. This is a short questionnaire that the customer answers about her skin.  Her score is totaled and she is given a suggested skin type and beauty regime. Our formulas are a unique combination of nature and science. They employ nature’s healing power combined with the most advanced anti-aging technologies. We offer both travel and retail sizes as well as professional cabin size treatments for use by estheticians. EcoGenics skin care products provide resellers and consumers with a simple solution for daily skin care.
House of Cheatham
(www.houseofcheatham.com) USA Based company that manufactures Ultimate Organics Skin therapies for body care for the mass market. Our products are natural and organic containing extra virgin olive oil. Coca butter, shea butter and moisture. The products help to soften and replenish skin that leaves a healthy radiant glow. House of Cheatham also offers hair products.
Chrislie Formulations
(www.lashem.com; www.chrislieformulations.com) Headquartered in Southern California, Chrislie Formulations, manufactures and distributes niche beauty products that are available in premium and salon channels, serving both domestic and international sectors. Chrislie Formulations brings a fresh and innovative approach in developing and manufacturing unique anti-aging beauty products that will help improve and reduce the signs of premature aging for a more youthful appearance. Chrislie Formulations’ is owned and operated by women with years of experience in business who pursue excellence in every aspect of the corporation. Chrislie’s research and development team is headed up by a renowned physician and scientific formulator that developed a ground breaking liposome delivery system called QuSome™ which encapsulates the active ingredients to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, for faster and more effective results.  We also utilize the patented ingredient Inflacin™ that helps reduce side effects and will not cause irritation.  Our staff of distinguished scientist and beauty veterans with over 20 years of cosmetic and skincare experience has a strong understanding of the beauty consumer and damaging free radicals that cause signs of aging. Our scientific expertise, combined with strong marketing and sales experience, will ensure delivery of the most desired and effective products in the marketplace, marked with professional, trustworthy service. Our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations by offering technologically advanced formulas and innovative products, excellent customer service, and greater value, thus providing beauty products that truly deliver beautiful, exceptional results.  
Indelicare, llc / Ink-eeze
(www.inkeeze.com) INK-EEZE is a tattoo lifestyle brand that focuses on products to numb, heal, and protect tattoos.  The line of products was formulated alongside skin care professionals, lab chemists, tattoo artists, and tattoo collectors.  It is the only full line of tattoo care products that has been designed with both the tattoo artist, and tattoo collector, in mind.
(www.mypuresuasion.com) Cilea eyelash growth stimulator is the inaugural product by PureSuasion, Inc., a health and beauty company dedicated to creating safe products that make you feel good. The company's founders have over 25 years of experience in the beauty business. PureSuasion works directly with the lab to ensure all products are not only effective, but also that they are made with the highest quality ingredients available. Our chemist has spent years finding the right formula for Cilea, which is made specifically for use around the eye. We have included the same ingredients that are in high-end eye creams in order to make the skin around the eye healthier, as well as to stimulate the eyelash. Cilea has undergone clinical testing to show proven results. Our ingredients include more vitamins and proteins than other products, and we have less of the fillers that cause irritation and damage after long-term use. The product has not been tested on live animals. We all know you are more confident when you feel good about yourself.  That's why we are currently in the process of developing other innovative skin and beauty products that will enhance your life along with your appearance.
TecNiche Therapies
(www.tecniche.com) Definition of ‘Savvy Science’: “Incorporating the most effective, iconic ingredients into the gentlest Cosmeceutical skin care.” How does a company showcase their products as some of the most effective anti-age Cosmeceuticals, while also demonstrating their revolutionary gentle nature? Well, it isn’t easy… TecNiche Therapies’ Savvy Science incorporates the most effective, iconic ingredients into the gentlest anti-age Cosmeceutical skin care –an oxymoron in the skin care industry. Let’s face it… the skin care industry has only two types of skin care philosophies: (1) Cosmeceutical (anti-age fighters) or (2) Sensitive (calming and healing protectors). However, thanks to TecNiche’s chemists, their Savvy Science has now successfully combined both philosophies into, “The most effective and gentlest anti-age skin care system” available.TecNiche products are designed specifically fort he short- and long-term care of sensitive skin. In the short-term, your skin will be comforted, softened and balanced. In the long-term, the gentle introduction of Cosmeceutical-strength ingredients will strengthen and revitalize your skin for a beautiful future. Now is the time to join the ‘Gentle Anti-Age Revolution’!
US Advanced Medical Research / Hylunia Hylunia
(www.hylunia.com) is a holistic, green, organic, and vegan skin care line giving our clients safe skin care with visible results.  Hylunia was developed by a group of doctors in 1988 for the sensitive skin of the founder’s baby.  The research team of the Department of Dermatology at the University of Pittsburgh, headed by Brian Jegasothy, M.D, discovered that 99% of skin care products contained ingredients that are harmful and can trigger inflammation.  In addition, the research team discovered that continuous inflammation, including sub-clinical inflammation by skin care ingredients, sun and environment can result in DNA changes.  These changes have been linked to aging, diseases and even cancer. Since, there are no skin care products free of potential inflammatory and toxic ingredients; Hylunia was formed to answer this need. Hylunia, by design, does not include any harmful ingredients that have the potential to change the DNA linked with premature aging, diseases and cancer.