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Contact a Commercial Specialist in Your Target Market

The Commercial Service has a network of market and industry experts located in over 80 countries worldwide. These Commercial Specialists provide export counseling and a range of services to assist U.S. businesses export their products and services into their markets and also protect U.S. business interests in their countries. They provide timely, relevant, customized business solutions to help U.S. firms enter and succeed in foreign markets.

Commercial Specialists can help you identify trade opportunities, find local business partners, launch your company, promote your products and services, obtain valuable market research reports, and protect your IPR abroad.


Use the following international menu to reach a Commercial Specialist in your country

Use the following menu to locate a U.S. Export Assistance Center near you, where Trade Specialists can provide you with guidance on which foreign markets are best for your products and services.


Note: For general questions about exporting such as tariff rates or U.S. Federal Government export asistance programs, we encourage you to call the Trade Information Center at 1-800-USATRAD(E).