2011 India Education Mission Detailed Event Information For 2011 India Education Mission
2011 India Education Mission -- Education/Training Services
Location/Date: New Delhi, India 10/10/2011 - 10/15/2011
Event Summary:
The United States Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration, U.S. Commercial Service is organizing an education industry trade mission to India (New Delhi, Chennai, and Mumbai) from October 10-15, 2011. This mission will include representatives from graduate programs, 4 –year undergraduate programs and state study consortia whose members are appropriately accredited by one of the seven regional accrediting bodies. This mission will seek to connect United States education institutions to potential students, university/institution partners and education consultants in India. The mission will include one-on-one appointments with potential partners, embassy briefings, student fairs and networking events in New Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai, three of the top cities for recruiting Indian students to the United States.

For the eighth consecutive year, Indian students constitute the largest group of international students studying in the United States, with a total Indian student population in the United States of 103,260, a 9.2% increase from 2008. Most Indian students seeking international education choose U.S. universities and the majority (72%) of Indian students in the United State are studying at the graduate level. However, we expect an increasing amount of undergraduate students due to the abundance of “international” primary and secondary schools throughout India and the influx of India-born parents who return to India with U.S.-educated children. India's huge youth population, estimated at 315 million between the ages of 10 and 24, will continue to create a large demand for higher education.

There are approximately 9.5 million students enrolled in higher education in India compared to that of the United States, where 19.1 million U.S. citizens are enrolled. As the number of students enrolled in higher education institutions in India is projected to rise to 11 million over the next three years, there are increasing doubts that India will have enough purely domestic education institutions to meet this demand. The United States, with over 4,000 accredited institutions of higher learning, has the capacity to offer access to high quality education to students in a broad range of fields. Employers in India have stressed the importance of developing a workforce equipped with adequate technical, teamwork and communication skills.

India offers substantial education opportunities for U.S. universities and other institutions of higher learning to establish schools, programs and curriculum in India. The Government of India (GOI) introduced milestone legislation to Parliament last year titled, the Foreign Educational Institutions (Regulation of Entry and Operation) Bill 2010. Once passed the legislation should allow for foreign education providers to set up campuses in the country – independently and jointly - and offer degrees to Indian students. Experts estimate the Indian education market has a potential value of $28 billion.

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