productronica 2013 Detailed Event Information For productronica 2013
productronica 2013 -- Electronics Industry Prod/Test Eq.
Location/Date: Munich, Germany 11/12/2013 - 11/15/2013
Event Summary:
SERVICES: The U.S. Commercial Service (CS) in Germany offers a wide range of support services to U.S. exporters who wish to expand their international business. At productronica 2013, Commercial Specialists Moritz Holst and Dagmar Winkler-Helmdach will be present to work with U.S. exhibitors, provide them with market research reports, do one-on-one counseling sessions, and support them in finding a European representative. Our pre-show promotion includes outreach campaigns to potential German buyers and partners alerting them about the presence of U.S. exhibitors at the show as part of the Exhibitor Support Program (ESP). We also plan to offer an International Promotion Program (IPP). The IPP includes outreach to buyers and distributors in a number of European markets through our worldwide network of U.S. Commercial Service offices at other U.S. Embassies and Consulates. For further information please contact Moritz Holst at +49-89-2888-754 or

BACKGROUND: productronica, the world's leading trade show for electronics production and special technologies used in micro-manufacturing, will be held November 12 to 15, in Munich, Germany. Since 1975, the biennial show has managed to strengthen its position as the premier marketing platform of the electronics production industry through all cycles of the industry. productronica is the only trade fair worldwide that showcases the entire electronics production chain, including future growth segments, such as organic and printed electronics. productronica 2011 attracted 1,234 exhibitors from 39 countries, more than 70 of which were from the United States, and more than 38,500 visitors from 80 countries. Some 50% of all visitors came from other countries than Germany (2009: 39%). The organizer, Munich International Trade Fairs, is expecting 1,250 companies to participate at the upcoming show in 2013. The demand for electronics production equipment is expected to remain stable in 2012, which will have a positive effect on the show. The organizer, Munich International Trade Fairs, is represented by Jennifer Liehn. If you are interested in participating at productronica 2013, Ms. Liehn can be contacted at (646) 437-1013 or More information is available at

IMPORTANT NOTE ON INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS (IPR): The U.S. Commercial Service in Germany is proactively engaged in defending American companies against counterfeit and copyright infringement. IPR is an important part of corporate value and international competitiveness. U.S. trademark, design and patent rights do not of themselves provide protection in Germany or the rest of the European Union (EU); U.S. companies must protect their IPR here in Europe. It is possible to register in countries individually or, for EU-wide trademark and design protection, there are a Community Trademark (CTM) and Registered Community Design (RCD). These provide protection for your industrial design or trademark in the entire 27-nation EU mega market of more than 470 million people. Both national trademarks and the CTM can be applied for from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office as part of an international trademark registration system. The U.S. Commercial Service can provide information on EU-wide protection for IPR and defend IPR in Europe at trade fairs. More information is available on our website:

Please also visit our website to obtain info about U.S. Commercial Service programs and services designed to help U.S. exporters succeed in the German and European markets, and about VAT recovery procedures:

Jennifer Liehn, Munich International Trade Fairs

Phone: (646) 437-1013
Moritz Holst, Munich
Commercial Assistant
Phone: 49-89-2888-754