Adriatic Sea Defense & Aerospace Exhibition & Conference 2013 Detailed Event Information For Adriatic Sea Defense & Aerospace Exhibition & Conference 2013
Adriatic Sea Defense & Aerospace Exhibition & Conference 2013 -- Aircraft/Aircraft Parts, Defense Industry Eq.
Location/Date: Split, Croatia 04/24/2013 - 04/26/2013
Event Summary:
The U.S. Pavilion at Adriatic Sea Defense and Aerospace Exhibition and Conference 2013 has received Trade Fair Certification from the U.S. Department of Commerce – and U.S. sea, land and air defense companies as well as U.S. companies involved in providing homeland security products and services should plan to exhibit at this important event. Organized under Croatia's Ministry of Defense, Adriatic Sea Defense & Aerospace 2013 (ASDA 2013) will offer U.S. exhibitors the opportunity to showcase their current products and services in a centrally located NATO partner -- Croatia. At ASDA 2011, 138 exhibitors from 23 countries met with 3,353 trade visitors from 25 countries, and military and government delegations from 21 countries.

With the Adriatic Sea and Southeastern Europe a major region for NATO and EU expansion, ASDA 2013's major exhibition themes include:

Land Defense:

o Armored & unarmored vehicles;

o Command & control systems;

o Weapon systems & ammunition;

o Body armor & personal defense systems;

o Anti-aircraft defense systems;

o Anti-tank defense systems;

o Simulation & training systems.

Air Defense:

o Military aircraft, helicopters, UCAVs and UAVs

o Armaments & ordinance;

o Missiles & weapons systems;

o Simulation & training systems;

o Avionics & airport infrastructure.

Sea Defense:

o Naval & Coast Guard vessels;

o Command & control systems;

o Naval weapons systems;

o Navigation, sonar & radar systems;

o Personal rescue & survival systems;

o Port infrastructure services & systems;

o Simulation & training systems.

Homeland Security:

o Homeland security systems;

o Intelligence services equipment & technologies;

o Emergency response equipment & technologies;

o Trucks, cars & special purpose vehicles;

o Police & security aircraft & helicopters;

o Coast Guard equipment & technologies;

o Search & rescue equipment & technologies;

o Corporate & private security systems.

Damjan Bencic, Zagreb
Head of Section
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Deborah Semb, Trade Event Programs
Senior International Trade Specialist
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Robert Peaslee, Milan
Principal Commercial Officer
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Miroslav Nikolac, Zagreb
Commercial Specialist
Phone: (385 1) 661 2026
Justin Webb, TNT Productions

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