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Webinar - Canadian Trade Regulations & Standards --
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Location/Date: Toronto, Canada 11/14/2012 - 11/14/2012
Event Summary:
Products shipped to Canada must conform to the relevant Canadian standards. While there is often overlap between U.S. and Canadian Standards, it remains crucial that American exporters understand how to check for and comply with any additional requirements. Export documentation, labeling requirements and export controls are also important considerations when shipping to Canada. Join this webinar to learn how to navigate current regulations as well as to hear from industry experts about changes that may be coming to your industry.

The fee for this webinar is $35.

Topics include:

• Canadian standards, product testing and Certification requirements

• Import requirements and documentation

• NAFTA & Certificates of Origin

• French language labeling requirements

• Prohibited and Restricted Imports

• U.S. Export Controls

Doug Jacobson, Seoul
Commercial Officer
Phone: 82-2-397-4356
Tracey Ford, Ottawa
Commercial Specialist
Phone: 613-688-5406
David Edmiston, Minneapolis
Senior International Trade Specialist
Phone: 612-348-1644