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Webinar - Distribution Strategies for Canada -- Agricultural Machinery & Eq., Automotive Parts/Services Eq., Building Products, Computers/Peripherals, Computer Software, Dental Eq., General Consumer Goods, Medical Eq., Mining Industry Eq., Oil/Gas Field Machinery
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Location/Date: Toronto, Canada 10/31/2012 - 10/31/2012
Event Summary:
For product-focused companies, establishing the most appropriate distribution strategies is a major key to success. Unfortunately, many of these companies often fail to establish or maintain the most effective distribution strategy for their specific product or service. This webinar will provide U.S. exporters with background on the available key distribution strategies for exporting goods to Canada. Specifically, this webinar will discuss:

- Methods of distribution in Canada

- The Non-Resident Importer Program

- Canadian cross-border shipping and customs services

- Keys to success and lessons learned from an active U.S. exporter

The fee for this webinar is $35.

Doug Jacobson, Seoul
Commercial Officer
Phone: 82-2-397-4356
Tracey Ford, Ottawa
Commercial Specialist
Phone: 613-688-5406
David Edmiston, Minneapolis
Senior International Trade Specialist
Phone: 612-348-1644