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Location/Date: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 10/07/2013 - 11/18/2013
Event Summary:
The mission to Brazil is designed for U.S. architectural, project management, and design services companies, that provide state-of-the-art and world class designs. Target sectors holding high potential for U.S exporters include: master planning (regional design—city planning or regional planning, port re-development—design of the walkways, buildings, etc. along the port); hospitals and health care architecture; airports/other transportation infrastructure facility architecture; mixed-use projects architectural services; and educational facilities. The mission will include stops in Rio de Janeiro and Recife, where participants will receive market briefings and participate in customized meetings with key officials and prospective partners.

Joel Reynoso, BITO
Commercial Officer
Phone: 202-482-5601
Sergio Teixeira, Rio De Janeiro
Trade Event Manager/Coordinator
Phone: 55 21 3823-2419
Patrick Levy, Rio De Janeiro
Commercial Specialist
Phone: 55/21/3823-2413
Arica Young, TPP
International Trade Specialist
Phone: 202.482.6219
Eugene Alford, OSI
International Trade Specialist
Phone: 202-482-5071
Jessica Salmoiraghi, Esq, The American Institute of Architects

Phone: 202-626-7398
Derek Washam, American Institute of Architecture

Phone: 202-626-7398
Eric Olson, Recife
Principal Commercial Officer
Phone: 55-81-3416-3075
Carolina Epifanio, Rio De Janeiro
Commercial Assistant
Phone: 21 3823-2030 / 9 9769-0467 (cell)