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Welcome to U.S. Commercial Service Liaison Office to the 
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Established in 1991, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has become the largest financial investor in a region that stretches from central Europe to central Asia and the southern and eastern Mediterranean. The EBRD helps countries in this region become open, market economies through offering a wide range of financing mechanisms to promote privatization, restructuring, and liberalization. The EBRD is owned by 64 countries (with the United States being the largest single shareholder), the European Union, and the European Investment Bank.

The U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service Liaison Office (US&FCS) to the EBRD (CS-EBRD) is an integral part of U.S. representation at the EBRD and works closely with the U.S. Executive Director's Office to increase the effectiveness of U.S. participation in EBRD programs. CS-EBRD provides information to U.S. businesses on how the EBRD works and how U.S. companies can participate in EBRD projects. CS-EBRD also offers guidance to U.S. companies throughout the project cycle.

Business Services
CS-EBRD provides the following services to U.S. firms and organizations:

  • Counseling: One-on-one consultations on how to do business with the EBRD.
  • Market Research and Outreach: Information on EBRD project and procurement opportunities and business orientation seminars. Arrangement of marketing presentations to EBRD project, sector, and financial specialists.
  • Key Contact Information: Appointments with EBRD experts.
  • Advocacy: Active support to U.S. businesses competing for procurements (including representations and guidance on bidding and resolving payment problems).

European Bank for Reconstruction & Development US&FCS Commercial Liaisons

London, United Kingdom

Office Phone: 44-20-7588-8490 — Office Fax: 44-20-7588-8443



Mary Boscia

Senior Commercial Officer


U.S. Business Advisor

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