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EBRD Industry Sectors

The EBRD is the largest single investor in central and eastern Europe and the CIS.  It operates in 29 countries and within 13 industry sectors.

  • Agribusiness
    The EBRD is the single biggest investor in this sector in much of our region.
  • Climate Finance
    The EBRD is dedicated to projects that promote greener energy and energy efficiency.
  • Equity Funds
    The Bank is the region's single largest investor in private equity funds.
  • Financial Institutions
    The EBRD promotes development of robust financial sectors.
  • Legal Reform
    This program creates investor-friendly, transparent legal environments.
  • Manufacturing and services
    Work in this sector covers heavy/light industry and processing/production of goods.
  • Municipal Infrastructure
    The Bank seeks to improve municipal services in our countries of operations.
  • Natural Resources
    The Bank finances a range of natural resources industries.
  • Nuclear safety
    The EBRD assists in the safe treatment of waste and power plants.
  • Power and Energy
    The EBRD is the most active bank in the power sector in much of our region.
  • Property and Tourism
    The Bank is a key player in the property markets of eastern Europe.
  • Telecoms
    The telecoms team supports information technology, media and telecommunications projects.
  • Transport
    The EBRD aims to build efficient, reliable and secure transport systems.