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Market Research


Our Markets

The U.S. Commercial Service Business Liaison Office works with the EBRD on projects in 29 markets, stretching from the Baltic’s to the Balkans, across to Mongolia. A few of the most heavily targeted markets are listed below, however a full list of the EBRD markets can be found at: Markets.

These useful reports also analyze market opportunities for best sectors for U.S. companies doing business with the EBRD. The reports contain market assessment and outlook supported by statistics; a review of competitive factors and market shares.

buyusa.gov/ebrd/energy_efficiency.pdfEnergy Efficiency and the EBRD (PDF, 124KB)
Industry Sector Analysis on Energy Efficiency

buyusa.gov/ebrd/microfinance2008.pdfMicro-finance Explained (PDF, 88KB)
A report on the European Bank of Reconstruction and the use of micro-finance.

//www.buyusa.gov/ebrd/telecommisa.pdfTelecom and the EBRD (PDF, 149KB)
Industry Sector Analysis on Telecommunications

//www.buyusa.gov/ebrd/transport.pdfTransport (PDF, 250KB)
The Transport sector is an important sector for the Bank because it plays a crucial role in the development of the economies and markets of the EBRD member countries. The Bank believes that safe passenger transport is important for commuting, business, and leisure industries.