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Paulina Miranda – Translation Services

Paulina Miranda – Translation Services

Contact: Paulina Miranda, Translator
Japón N37-80 y Naciones Unidas, 3er piso
Quito Ecuador
Phone: 099 252 8432 / From abroad: 593 99 252 8432
Email: traduec@N0SPAM.gmail.com

Paulina Miranda, Professional Translation Services, Associate Member of the American Translators Association

Languages: English, Spanish and French

Areas of specialization:

• Pharmaceutical Industry – Biotechnology – Genetics - Medicine
• Science - Technology
• Energy - Environment
• Shipping Business - Finance & Accounting
• Education - Personal documents

Additional Services

Certification, Legalization & Notarization of Translations

All translations bear my signature, fingerprint and embossed and waxed seals.

In addition, if the translation is going to be used in a country other than Ecuador, I would be glad to help you with the additional processes required by foreign authorities.

• Acknowledgement of the translator’s signature at the United States Consular Office
• Acknowledgement of the translator’s signature by a public notary in Ecuador
• International certification by Apostille or legalization of the translation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ecuador

International & Local Delivery

All translations can be delivered in digital format and hardcopy through local and international mail services at your convenience. Translations can also be picked up in person from my office.