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Customized Market Research (CMR)

The Customized Market Research (CMR) offers flexible, quick and customized answers to your inquiries and accurate assessment of how your product will sell in an overseas country. For a cost much less than comparable research, you get a concise report answering these critical questions:

1. Does your product have sales potential in the targeted market?

2. Who are your competitors, local and foreign, and how can they affect your sales?

3. What are the right channels for getting your products into the market?

4. What is the going price for a comparable product in this market?

5. What influences your foreign buyers the most: price, credit, quality, delivery, service, promotion or brand?

6. What is the best way to get sales exposure in the market?

7. Are there any selling impediments, such as quotas, duties or local regulations?

8. Who might be interested and qualified representatives or buyers in this market?

9. Who might be a potential licensing or joint venture partner for your company?

To provide you with answers, one of our contract research specialists in Egypt interviews importers, distributors, retailers, wholesalers, end users, and local producers of comparable products equipped to give incisive opinions and advice pertaining to the accessibility of the market. A list of market contacts is included in the report as well.

CMR reports offer extremely valuable information for small and first time exporters with few foreign contacts and limited overseas sales expertise. A CMR provides you with on the spot, current and reliable data you need to make marketing decisions, without the large travel, investigative and other expenses associated with overseas product research.

Cost of the CMR service depends on the type of report requested as follows:

A) Mini-CMR (7 questions): $1,000;

B) Regular CMR (standard 9 questions): $1,500;

C) Premium CMR (9 questions, in addition to 1-3 questions): $1,500 + $150 per each additional question;

D) Alternative questions with price to be negotiated.

Ordering the Customized Market Research Service

U.S. firms can request a Customized Market Research through their local U.S. Export Assistance Center or by contacting our Commercial Specialists.


If collected by post, our preferred method is credit card. We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, or Discovery. Checks should be sent directly to post, made payable to: "U.S. Embassy", and mailed to: The American Embassy Cairo, U.S. Commercial Service, 8 Kamal El Din Salah Street, Garden City, Cairo, Egypt. If payment is made through the USEAC, clients will be contacted directly by the Trade Specialist.

A Participation Agreement will be sent for the US client’s signature via email and returned to post, along with credit card information.