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Commercial News USA

Commercial News USA (CNUSA) is the official United States Department of Commerce showcase for American-made products and services.  Each issue reaches an estimated 400,000 readers worldwide in 176 countries.

CNUSA is a U.S. export catalog-magazine that promotes U.S. products and services to 176 countries at a fraction of the cost of any other form of advertising.  CNUSA provides low-cost, extensive overseas exposure for export-ready U.S. products and services.  It generates substantial overseas new-business leads for small and medium-sized U.S. firms without a heavy investment in research and travel.  Small firms are defined as having fewer than 500 employees.  Currently,95.4% of CNUSA users report being in the "small" category.  To subscribe to Commercial News USA please visit http://www.thinkglobal.us/subscribe

Have you found a potential partner in Commercial News USA?

We understand that initiating contact with a potential partner can be a daunting task, so we want to make it easier for you.  U.S. Commercial Service Finland can contact the U.S. company on your behalf, indicating your interest in learning more.  We will act as a "middle-man" until you have established a good relationship with the potential partner, then disengage.  You may also contact the companies directly using the Fax Back form located at the back of the magazine.  However, we have learned that by utilizing U.S. Commercial Service Finland to make first contact with these US companies leads to a quicker, more productive trading relationship.

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