Building Your European Business Strategy

Why Europe?

Europe is a market of over 500 million consumers across 28 countries, all eager for American products and services. In fact, in 2013 U.S. companies exported more than 730 million USD worth of goods each day to the EU, more than to emerging markets of Brazil, India and China combined. 

The United States and the European Union make up half of the world’s economic output and nearly one trillion dollars in global goods and services trade.  Europe offers U.S. businesses of all sizes unparalleled opportunities, both as an export market and a base from which to expand sales to the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Now is the time to export to Europe!

Think regionally

Of the mere one percent of all U.S. companies that export, 58 percent export to just one country.  Working together with U.S. Commercial Service teams across Europe, U.S. firms can capitalize on opportunities in multiple countries across the region that share common rules, regulations and standards.  By leveraging our industry expertise across the region, we can help you:

  • Access regional, multi-market export opportunities;
  • Navigate European policies, regulations and standards; and
  • Identify and assess potential partners.

Whether you are interested in one country or more, we will meet your needs through customized solutions.

Let us help you expand your presence in Europe!

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