Environmental Technologies

Looking for new export markets and business opportunities for your environmental products? Want a new place to sell your technologies? Use this site to find out about the latest European environmental trade leads, or learn about European Union (EU) financing for environmental projects.

Commercial Service offices throughout Europe are standing by to help you enter these promising markets. Please give us a call (+45 3341 7315), or send an e-mail to office.copenhagen@trade.gov.

We look forward to working with you.

Bjarke Frederiksen (bjarke.frederiksen@trade.gov)
U.S. Commercial Service Europe – Environment Technologies

Environmental Technologies Contacts
U.S. Commercial Service staff throughout Europe can help you identify opportunities in the ET sector.

Environmental Technologies Events
Events of interest for companies involved in pollution control, water treatment, recycling technologies, soil remediation, and other environmental fields.

Quicktake - Environmental Technologies
You are an American company ready and determined to export to Europe but don’t know what country to start with? Quicktake is the service you need!

Environmental Technologies Market Research
Request market research reports prepared by the U.S. Commercial Service for use by U.S. businesses.

Europe Environmental Resource Guide
Learn more about European market opportunities for environmental products.

EU Funding
The European Union provides substantial funds to help EU Member States comply with strict EU environmental regulations.