Europe Team

Our Mission 

The Europe Team works collectively to obtain and provide specific, up-to-date information and counseling on a wide range of Europe-related topics and events that leads to increased knowledge of, market share in and exports to Europe for our U.S. exporting clients.  To accomplish its mission, the team works closely with all agencies within the International Trade Administration (ITA), relevant trade associations, foreign embassies and the Department of State.


  • Membership: The Europe Team is comprised of Core Team Members and Associate Members.  Most Core Members have lived and/or worked in one or more European countries, speak European languages and have a mixture of country and industry-specific expertise, which we collectively share with our internal (ITA) and external clients (U.S. exporters).  For more information on team membership, please click here
  • Territory: The Europe Team covers all of geographic Europe, to include the 27 EU Members, Turkey, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, the Balkans, Russia and the former Soviet Republics.  We work closely with U.S. Commercial Service and State Department staff in these countries, and with Market Access and Compliance (MAC) Country Desk Officers in Washington, DC. 
  • Regional Liaisons: To facilitate communication among all of the relevant players, the Europe Team developed a Regional Liaison Program (RLP). The RLP allows Core Europe Team Members to choose a specific region in Europe or countries with which they liaise and act as conduits for information, questions and new initiatives. When the Europe Team organizes a country-specific event, the Regional Liaison is always the key point of contact. For more information on the Europe Team Regional Liaison Program and a list of current country liaisons, please click here.
  • Showcase Europe and CS Posts: The Europe Team sends regular updates to Europe-based Senior Commercial Officers to notify them of key successes, new initiatives and opportunities for collaboration.  SCOs and/or their staff are invited as guest speakers on monthly Europe Team conference calls, so that they can update us on new trends, services (i.e., Quicktake) and upcoming events. 
  • Partnerships: The Europe Team has developed a wide variety of partnerships with internal and external contacts to date, and will continue to identify new potential partners in the coming years.  The purpose is to hold joint events and/or to identify new clients.   

For Europe Team supported events, click here.

If you have a question about the Europe Team or would like to become a member, please feel free to contact any one of the following individuals:

Mark Russell (Team Leader),

Dusan Marinkovic, (Deputy Team Leader – Central & Eastern Europe),

Ken Mouradian, (Deputy Team Leader - Western Europe),