Medical & Pharmaceutical

Europe's healthcare industry bears both similarities and differences to the United States. U.S. medical devices and technologies are highly regarded. The pharmaceutical and diagnostics sectors are truly global. The U.S. Commercial Service can work with you to identify potential customers and business partners, and help you find solutions to clear the regulatory hurdles to marketing your products.

Medical & Pharmaceutical Contacts

U.S. Commercial Service Europe medical and pharmaceutical sector contacts are a great resource for U.S. companies interested in expanding opportunities in Europe. Our staff can assist you market entry, trade events, regulatory compliance, and matchmaking.

Medical & Pharmaceutical Events

Europe offers several trade event opportunities in the Medical & Pharmaceutical industry. See examples below.

MEDICA World forum for Medicine and International Trade Fair with Congress
Date: 20- 23 November 2013
Venue: Dusseldorf, Germany

World of Health IT, Conference and Exhibition

Date: 3-4 April 2014
Venue: Nice, France

Medical & Pharmaceutical Market Research

Request market research reports prepared by the U.S. Commercial Service for use by U.S. businesses from your local U.S. Commercial Service office. Market research is an ideal place to begin when exploring new markets, to learn more about rules and regulations, and to keep abreast of the latest developments.

An example of a report prepared by the U.S. Commercial Service is the 2013 Healthcare Technology Resource Guide which provides market information for 49 countries, detailing current demand and trends; market entry strategies and local events; registration processes and regulatory authorities; competitors and barriers; and a market segmentation snapshot of 10 subcategories with a ranked success potential.

 Click here to read or download the guide.

Medical & Pharmaceutical Europe Links

Some useful links for companies in the Medical and Pharmaceutical sectors.

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