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International Trade Administration

Washington, D.C. 20230


This Agreement is between the U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. & Foreign Commercial Service, (American

Embassy/Consulate) ________________________________, hereinafter called the Agency, and (Name of School)

________________________________________hereinafter called the School.

Name of the Student Volunteer: _______________________________________________________ Expected Period of Volunteer Service: From ____________________ To _______________________

The terms of this Agreement are as follows:

A. The student is enrolled not less than half time at an accredited school, is recommended by the School, and is acceptable to the Agency.

B. The student has been selected without regard to considerations of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, marital status, or handicap condition.

C. The student's service is to be uncompensated and will not be used to displace any employee or to staff a position which is a normal part of the Agency's workforce.

D. The school will notify the Office of Foreign Service Human Resources, C/O Student Volunteer Inter Coordinator at U.S. Department of Commerce, HC Hoover Building, Room 3226, 1401 Constitution Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20230, tel: 202/482-4717; fax: 202/482-0253 or 1629, if the student terminates his/her enrollment at the school during the period of volunteer service or if the student will have more than five months between school years.

E. The student's work assignment shall be in the public interest, and to the maximum extent possible, shall provide an appropriate educational experience for the student.

F. The student is not considered to be a Federal employee for any purposes other than injury compensation and laws related to the Tort Claims Act.

G. The student is not entitled to benefits, i.e., leave, retirement, health, travel compensation, subsistence allowance, quarters, and any other reimbursement or payment in kind.

H. Nature of the volunteer assignment:

The student volunteer will work under the supervision of the Foreign Commercial Service Officer at the U.S. & Foreign Commercial Service mission that he/she is assigned. The student will be given specific duties to perform such as conducting market research, preparing reports drafting replies to correspondence, and promoting and recruiting exhibitors for trade events.

I. The U.S. & Foreign Commercial Service mission that the student is assigned to will prepare a “Thank You” message that includes the dates during which the intern served, the total hours or days worked and instructions on how the volunteer can get documentation of his or her volunteer service in the future. Copies of the “Thank You” message should be retained at the U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service mission in the office files and a copy provided to the Intern Coordinator in the Office of Foreign Service Human Resources for documentation

J. Evaluations of reports of the student's performance will be provided to the School if requested, subject to regulations governing (1) the protection of privacy in personal records, and (2) the availability and disclosure of official information.

K. Termination of the agreement prior to the planned ending date of the volunteer assignment may be affected by either party with written notice to the other parties.

Signature of US&FCS Official: _______________________________

Typed Name: __________________________

American Embassy/Consulate: _______________________________

Date: ________________________________


Signature of School Official: ______________________________

Typed Name: ______________________________

Title: ______________________________

Name of School: ______________________________

Date: _______________________________

As a Student Volunteer, I agree to:

-- Waive any and all claims for compensation from the Government of the United States

from any service performed;

-- Accept accountability for loss or damage to Government property caused by my

negligence of willful action;

-- Conform to the standards of conduct of the appointing office in which I shall work;

-- Be engaged in the activities listed in Item H of this Agreement while in this appointment;

-- Provide a written notice to both the Agency and my School immediately should I wish to decline this

Agreement after I have agreed to accept it.

Student Signature: ______________________________

Print/Type Name: ______________________________

Date: ______________________________

Number of Hours Expected to Work per Week: __________________