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WEEE/RoHS: Hungary

Update as of December 15, 2011


European Union's WEEE Directive 2002/96/EC requires that the WEEE symbols be placed on an EEE product if the product falls in one of the ten categories and is placed onto the EU market after the August 2005. Producers must provide refurbishment, treatment and reuse information for each WEEE. The directive obligates member states to establish and maintain a registry of producers putting electrical and electronic equipment onto the market.

Government Decree 264/2004 (IX.23) regulates the collection and disposal of electrical and electronic waste in ten categories (large household electrical and electronic appliances, small household electrical appliances, IT and telecom equipment, consumer electronics, lighting equipment, toys, leisure and sports equipment, medical equipment, automatic dispensers, measuring, testing and laboratory instruments. WEEE and RoHs directives in Hungary are in line with the European Union’s legislation.

There is a Public Benefit Company, established to coordinate the collection and the recycling of electrical and electronic waste - Electro-Coord Hungary Household Appliance and Electronic Waste Recovery Coordination. The company also undertakes the registration of manufacturers with the Inspectorate.

Mr. Zoltan Toth, Managing Director
Electro -Coord Magyarorszag Nonprofit Kft.
Horvath utca 12-14.
H-1027 Budapest, Hungary
Phone: (36-1) 224-7730 Fax: (36-1) 224-7739
e-mail: info@electro-coord.hu or z.toth@electro-coord.hu

The is also a government agency responsible for WEEE-related issues:

National Environmental Inspectorate
Fö utca 44-50
H-1011 Budapest

For more information contact:

Csilla Viragos, Commercial Specialist
U.S. Embassy Commercial Section
Szabadsag ter 7-9.
Bank Center, Granite Tower,
H-1054 Budapest, Hungary
Tel: (36-1) 475-4250 (direct) or 475-4090
Fax: (36-1) 475-4676

E-mail: csilla.viragos@trade.gov