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WEEE/RoHS: Sweden

Update as of September 1, 2005

Who is handling registration in the country?

Online registration should commence in early 2006. The registration will be retrospective from the implementatio date. It is likely that the registration will cover the period of August 13 through December 31, 2005. For this reason, it is important that producers keep track of sold, collected and treated products.

Also, the U.S. companies only need to register when they have an office in Sweden, as according to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, the following applies:

  • a company without an office in Sweden sells products directly to the distributor or agent, it is the distributor/agent that counts as the producer.
  • a U.S. company without an office in Sweden sells goods directly to an end-user company/plant, etc the product responsibility falls to this end-user.

Once the format is in place, the registration can be done electronically on the the below site.

The agency responsible for WEEE-related issues in Sweden is:

Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
Products and Waste Section
106 48 Stockholm
Tel. +46 8 698 1000
Fax. +46 8 202 925
Contact: Mr. Gunnar Fredriksson, Head of Section
email: gunnar.fredriksson@naturvardsverket.se


The agency responsible for RoHS-related issues in Sweden is:

Swedish Chemicals Inspectorate
Risk Reduction Department
Box 2
172 13 Sundbyberg
Tel. +46 8 519 411 00
Contact: Ms. Ingela Andersson, Director
email: ingela.andersson@kemi.se

What is the timing of implementation?

August 13, 2005 for WEEE and July 1, 2006 for RoHS

Is there a collective or takeback system that companies can join?

The producer organization in Sweden is called El-Kretsen and it is created and owned by electrical and electronic trade associations. The entity makes arrangements with local authorities and sets up a complete system that carries out trade-ins collection, recovery, information to the public and local authorities and financial management. The El-Kretsen website has up-to-date information on WEEE and producer responsibility, declaration forms and a list of certified recycling companies.

El-Kretsen AB
Box 1357
111 83 Stockholm
Tel. +46 8 545 212 90
Fax. +46 8 545 212 99
Contact: Jorgen Schultz, Managing Director
email: jorgen.schultz@el-kretsen.se

For more information, please contact:

Tuula Javanainen, Commercial Specialist
email: tuula.javanainen@mail.doc.gov
tel: +46 8 783 5396

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