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WEEE/RoHS: Further Information and Assistance

We strive to make these pages as useful as possible to U.S. companies. However, if you feel you need more information or assistance on WEEE & RoHS compliance, this page may help.

Should you have additional questions not covered on this website, please send an email to the following address: Office.BrusselsEC@trade.gov referencing ‘WEEE/RoHS Inquiry’ in the subject line. One of our specialists will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

WEEE/RoHS Business Service and Solution Providers

The following companies are members of our Business Service Providers network and offer WEEE & RoHS consulting services and solutions:  

Hesselmann kommunikation GmbH



1cc Consulting GmbH

Accerio BV

WEEE/RoHS: Useful external links

European Commission & EU Member States governments

The European Commission’s official WEEE/RoHS webpages contain information on the legislation, RoHS exemptions, stakeholders’ consultations and review procedure.

The European Commission’s Comitology Register is an official EU website where you can search for documents relating to the activities of the EU Committee that manages several aspects of the implementation of WEEE and RoHS, including RoHS exemptions and harmonization work. The EU Committee includes EU Member States governments’ representatives and chaired by the European Commission. This site can be difficult to navigate. It is important to select the ‘ENV Committee for the adaptation to scientific and technical progress and implementation of the directives on waste’ in the drop-down. Please feel free to ask for our assistance.

The UK Government provides a substantial amount of useful guidance for understanding basic WEEE/RoHS concepts in English. Please note however that this guidance concerns only the UK.

UK’s Department for Business, Innovation & Skills WEEE webpage
UK’s Department for Business, Innovation & Skills RoHS webpage

Industry associations

Orgalime is the largest European electrical industry trade association, which provides excellent guidance on the scope of RoHS and other WEEE/RoHS information.

DigitalEurope is the largest European ICT trade association.

Tech America Eruope has excellent resources online, however not for free.

Developing standards: ASTM International Technical Committee


The Hong Kong Trade Development Council maintains a useful page on the WEEE and RoHS implementation. The link above is their homepage, from which you can navigate to the WEEE/RoHS Implementation page via the Market Intelligence tab.