Sample Outline for an Export Plan

Is you company's management committed to pursue exporting operations? Make sure you've answered the following questions.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary (one or two pages maximum)

Introduction: Why This Company Should Export

Part I

Export Policy Commitment Statement

Part II

Situation/Background Analysis

  • Product or Service
  • Operations
  • Personnel and Export Organization
  • Resources of the Firm
  • Industry Structure, Competition, and Demand

Part III

Marketing Component

  • Identifying, Evaluating, and Selecting Target Markets
  • Product Selection and Pricing
  • Distribution Methods
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Internal Organization and Procedures
  • Sales Goals: Profit and Loss Forecasts

Part IV

Tactics: Action Steps

  • Primary Target Countries
  • Secondary Target Countries
  • Indirect Marketing Efforts

Part V

Export Budget

  • Pro Forma Financial Statements

Part VI

Implementation Schedule

  • Follow-up
  • Periodic Operational and Management Review (Measuring Results Against Plan)


Background Data on Target Countries and Market

  • Basic Market Statistics: Historical and Projected
  • Background Facts
  • Competitive Environment

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