What is the Trade Information Center (TIC)?

How do I get export assistance?

The Trade Information Center (TIC) is the first stop for companies seeking export assistance from the U.S. Government. TIC international trade specialists:

  • advise exporters on how to locate and use government export programs;
  • guide businesses through the export process;
  • direct businesses to market research, statistics, and trade leads;
  • provide information on domestic and overseas trade events and activities;
  • explain sources of public and private export financing;
  • refer businesses to U.S. Export Assistance Centers as-well-as state and local trade organizations that can provide additional ongoing assistance.

The TIC also provides export counseling for the Americas (including NAFTA), Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. TIC international trade specialists can help exporters with questions about:

  • import tariffs, taxes, and customs procedures, especially for free trade agreements;
  • commercial standards, regulations and practices and intellectual property rights;
  • distribution channels, business travel, and other market information;
  • opportunities and best prospects for U.S. companies in individual markets;
  • difficulties encountered on specific commercial transactions.

The TIC is located in the Department of Commerce's USA Trade Center in Washington, D.C. The USA Trade Center offers specialized services, including counseling on free trade agreements, export licensing, and focus centers for China, the Middle East and North Africa, and the Newly Independent States (Russia and former Soviet republics).

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