Does the Trade Information Center have lists of company-specific information?

The TIC does not have comprehensive lists of American manufacturers and suppliers; other U.S. importers and exporters; or export trading / export management companies. For this type of information, please consider the following resources:

The U.S. Exporters' Yellow Pages™, produced by Global Publishers LLC in cooperation with the International Trade Administration's Office of Export Trading Company Affairs, is an annual directory of United States companies involved in international business. This free publication features over 20,000 U.S. export service providers, trading companies, and manufacturers that have registered their export interests through Department of Commerce U.S. Export Assistance Centers (USEAC) located in more than 100 cities nationwide. The U.S. Exporters’ Yellow Pages™ is available on the Internet at and in hard copy through USEAC offices.

Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) provides country profiles, risk analyses, company lists, and reports on various topics related to business and trade. D&B can be reached by telephone at 1-800-932-0025, or on the Internet at

ThomasNet, powered by Thomas Register, provides listings of U.S. and foreign manufacturers worldwide. ThomasNet can be reached by telephone at 1-800-699-9822, or on the Internet at

Kompass International Trade Directories provide product, contact, and other information for 1.8 million companies worldwide. Each individual company is checked by the local Kompass publisher, usually once each year. All companies are classified under the Kompass Product Classification – one of the most comprehensive in the world with more than 53,000 products and services. You can search this site in any of 17 languages using a products and services search. Kompass USA can be reached by telephone at (203) 503-6789 or 1-877-KOMPASS, or accessed on the Internet at

Industry associations generally have directories of their members.

Additionally, the following publications (available in many local libraries) contain lists of industry trade associations:

  • Encyclopedia of Associations
  • National Trade and Professional Associations of the United States

Private publications that list U.S. manufacturers and suppliers include:

  • Harris Manufacturing Directory is published by Harris Publishing

(telephone – 1-800-888-5900; Internet website –

Other relevant publications include:

  • Thomas Global Register is published by Thomas International Publishing

(telephone – (212) 629-2100; Internet website –

  • Directory of U.S. Importers and Exporters is published by The Journal of Commerce (telephone – 1-888-215-6084; Internet website –
  • Directory of American Firms Operating in Foreign Countries and Directory of Foreign Firms Operating in the United States is published by Uniworld Business Publications (Internet website –

These publications are also available at many local libraries.

Note: This document does not include all private sector sources of trade information nor does it represent an endorsement of any particular service or source by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

For further assistance, please contact the Trade Information Center:

Tel: 1-800-USA-TRAD(E) (1-800-872-8723)

Fax: (202) 482-4473