Dual Use U.S. Export Controls and Licenses

Relatively few exports require a dual use export license. Such licenses are required in certain situations involving national security, foreign policy, short-supply, nuclear non-proliferation, missile technology, chemical and biological weapons, regional stability, crime control, or terrorist concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Resources for Exporters:

License requirements are dependent upon an item's technical characteristics, the destination, the end-use, and the end-user, and other activities of the end-user. Use the links below to determine if you need a license before you export.

Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS)
-- BIS is the primary licensing agency for dual use exports (commercial items which could have military applications).

Submit Export License Applications Online Using SNAP
-- If you do need a license for your export, SNAP (Simplified Network Applications Process) allows registered users to submit export and re-export license applications, to request commodity classifications, and agricultural license exception.

Denied Persons List
- List of persons to whom export privileges are denied by written order of the Department of Commerce.

Unverified List
- includes names and countries of foreign persons who in the past were parties to a transaction with respect to which BIS could not conduct a pre-license check ("PLC") or a post-shipment verification ("PSV") for reasons outside of the U.S. Government's control.

Entity List
- These end users have been determined to present an unacceptable risk of diversion to developing weapons of mass destruction or the missiles used to deliver those weapons.

Specially Designated Nationals List
- Alphabetical master list of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons

Debarred List
- Defense Trade Controls List

Reporting Violations
-- This form for reporting export control or anti-boycott violations should only be used to submit a lead or a tip on a possible export control or boycott related violation of the EAR.