FAQ: U.S. - Israel Free Trade Agreement (FTA)

Does this Agreement cover exports to the West Bank and the Gaza Strip?

The U.S.-Israel FTA does not cover exports to the West Bank or the Gaza Strip. However, the Palestinian Authority agreed to provide reciprocal duty-free treatment for American products entering the West Bank and Gaza.

Can the U.S. Government assist me if I experience problems exporting under the FTA?

Yes. Should your company experience difficulties exporting under the U.S.-Israel FTA, contact the Trade Compliance Center (TCC) at the US Department of Commerce (202-482-1191). The TCC can help you understand your rights, and can initiate an official US government inquiry that could help you resolve any problems you encounter while exporting to Israel.

Are Agricultural Products Covered by this Agreement?

Some agricultural products were covered by this Agreement, and in 1996 the United States and Israel concluded a separate Agreement on Trade in Agricultural Products. Designed to enhance market access for a number of additional American agricultural products, this Agreement established three categories of product coverage: (1) products free of tariffs; (2) products free of tariffs within certain quotas; and (3) products with preferential tariff rates.

Among the most important American agricultural exports that now enter Israel on a tariff-free, quota basis are: chilled and frozen beef, fresh and processed poultry, apples, grapes, pears, citrus, sunflower seeds, cheese and selected fresh and frozen vegetables. Under the agricultural accord, Israel also committed to the gradual reduction of these quotas.