U.S. Commercial Service offices (U.S. Export Assistance Centers) in Florida:

For additional contact information or backup, you can also contact our Trade Information Center

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Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale U.S. Export Assistance Center
1850 Eller Drive, Suite 401
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

Main Line: 954-356-6640
Fax: 954-356-6644

Fort Lauderdale Staff

Eduardo Torres, USEAC Director

Phone: 954-356-6643
Fax: 954-356-6644
Email: Eduardo.Torres@trade.gov

Industries: Agricultural Chemicals, Agricultural Machinery & Eq., Agribusiness, Agricultural Services, Travel/Tourism Services, Apparel & Textiles


Miguel Olivares, Senior International Trade Specialist

Phone: 954-356-6649
Fax: 954-356-6644
Email: Miguel.Olivares@trade.gov

Industries: Audio/Visual Eq., Automobile/Light Truck/Vans, Automotive Parts/Services Eq., Consumer Electronics, Environmental Technologies, Furniture, General Consumer Goods, Pollution Control Eq., Renewable Energy Eq., Sporting Goods/Recreational Eq., Water Resources Eq./Services, Information Technologies

Kathryn Dye, Senior International Trade Specialist

Phone: 954-356-6621
Fax: 954-356-6644
Email: Kathryn.Dye@trade.gov

Industries: Aviation and Aerospace, Cosmetics, Defense, Franchising, Chemicals and Machinery, Safety and Security/Composite Materials/ Advanced Ceramics

Leandro Solorzano, Senior International Trade Specialist

Phone: 954-356-6647
Fax: 954-356-6644
Email: Leandro.Solorzano@trade.gov

Industries: Architectural and Engineering Services, Construction & Heavy Equipment, Biotechnology, Health Technology, Medical Eq., Dental Eq., Drugs and Pharmaceuticals, Food Processing/ Packaging Eq., Hotel/ Restaurant Eq, Printing/Graphic Arts Eq., General Services, Publishing, Books Periodicals

Tyler Hacking, Commercial Officer

Phone: 954-356-6645

Fax: 954-356-6644

Email: Tyler.Hacking@trade.gov

Industries: General Industrial, Plastics/Resin, Marine Industries, pleasure boats, commercial vessels, maritime transportation, port services. General Services, accounting, advertising, Education and Training services.

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Jacksonville U.S. Export Assistance Center
3 Independent Drive

Jacksonville, FL 32202

Phone: 904-232-1270
Fax: 904-232-1271

Jacksonville Staff

Jorge Arce, Office Director

Phone: 904-232-1270
Fax: 904-232-1271
Email: Jorge.Arce@trade.gov

Industries: All

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Miami U.S. Export Assistance Center
5835 Blue Lagoon Dr., Suite 203
Miami, FL 33126

Main Line: 305 526 7428
Fax: 305-526-7434

Miami Staff

Martina “Tina” Echevarria, International Trade Specialist

Phone: 305-526-7428 ext 26
Fax: 305-526-7434
Email: Martina.Echevarria@trade.gov

Industries: Apparel, Cosmetics/Toiletries, Textile Fabrics, Textile Machinery/Eq., Textile Products - Made-Up Consumer Goods, Art, Giftware, Furniture, Jewelry, Food Processing, Hotel Restaurant Equipment

Lesa Forbes, Senior International Trade Specialist

Phone: 305-526-7428 ext 28
Fax: 305-526-7434
Email: Lesa.Forbes@trade.gov

Industries: Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Eq., Architectural/Constr./Engineering SVC, Automobile/Light Truck/Vans, Automotive Parts/Services Eq., Building Products, Construction Eq., Paper/Paperboard, Pollution Control Eq., Printing/Graphic Arts Eq., Pulp/Paper Machinery, Pumps/Valves/Compressors, Railroad Eq., Renewable Energy Eq., Transportation Serv. (other than Aviation), Trucks/Trailers/Buses, Water Resources Eq./Services

Sarah Fox, Commercial Officer

Phone: 305-526-7425 ext. 29

Fax: 305-526-7434

Email: sarah.fox@trade.gov

Industries: Marine industries, port services, commercial vessels, pleasure boats, Health Technologies, biotech, dental equipment, laboratory, Services, medical equipment, general services, management consulting, Education & Training.

William Lawton, Senior International Trade Specialist

Phone: 305-526-7428 ext 27

Fax: 305-526-7434
Email: william.lawton@trade.gov

Industries: Aviation & Aerospace, Avionics, aircraft parts, Information and Communication, audio visual, computer software, computer services, Safety & Security, basic industries, Chemical production, industrial chemicals, Energy.

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Orlando U.S. Export Assistance Center
3201 East Colonial Drive, Suite A-20
Orlando, FL 32803

Orlando Staff

Kenneth Mouradian, USEAC Director

Phone: 407-420-4877
Fax: 407-420-4425
Email: Kenneth.Mouradian@trade.gov

Industries: All

Mindi Hertzog, International Trade Specialist

Phone: 407-420-4420

Fax: 407-420-4425

Email: Mindi.Hertzog@trade.gov

Industries: All

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Tallahassee U.S. Export Assistance Center

3 Independent Drive

Jacksonville, FL 32202

Tallahassee Staff

(Currently covered by the Jacksonville USEAC)

Phone: 904-232-1270
Fax: 904-232-1271

Industries: All


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Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay U.S. Export Assistance Center
13805 58th Street N., Suite 1-200
Clearwater, FL 33760

Tampa Bay Staff

Sandra Campbell, Director

Phone: 727-893-3738
Fax: 727-893-3839
Email: Sandra.Campbell@trade.gov

Industries: Audio/Visual Eq., Computer Services, Computer Software, Computers/Peripherals, Consumer Electronics, Dental Eq., Drugs/Pharmaceuticals, Health Care Services, Medical Eq., Telecommunications Eq., Telecommunications Services.

Dan Bjerk, International Trade Specialist

Phone: 727-464-7347
Fax: 727-893-3839
Email: Dan.Bjerk@trade.gov

Industries: Franchising, Travel and Tourism. Aircraft/Aircraft Parts, Airport/Ground Support Eq., Aviation Services, Commercial Fishing Eq., Commercial Vessel/Eq. (Non-Fisheries), Defense Industry Eq., Pleasure Boats/Accessories, Port/Shipbuilding Eq.

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Trade Information Center

1-800-USA-TRADE (1-800-872-8723)

The Trade Information Center works in conjunction with your local office. For immediate export assistance or for answers to your technical questions on exporting, call M-F 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM Eastern Time.

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