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Your Industry Specialists in Düsseldorf

Anette Salama

Commercial Specialist
Email: Anette.Salama@trade.gov
Tel: +49 211 737 767 60

Sectors: Drugs & Pharmaceuticals, Medical Equipment, Nutritional Supplements, Healthcare Services, Veterinary Equipment/Supplies

Kirsten Hentschel

Commercial Specialist
Email: Kirsten.Hentschel@trade.gov
Tel: +49 211 737 767 30

Sectors: Chemicals, Chemical Production Machinery, Plastic Material/Resins, Plastic Processing Production Machinery, Process Controls Industrial, Industrial (Raw Materials), Advanced Ceramics, Composites

Klaus Jonas

Commercial Specialist
Email: Klaus.Jonas@trade.gov
Tel: +49 211 737 767 50

Sectors: Furniture, General Industrial Equipment,Machine Tools & Metalworking Equipment, Steel & non-ferrous Metals, Packaging Machinery, Foods, Processed, Food Processing & Packaging Equipment

Uta Kirst

Commercial Specialist
Email: Uta.Kirst@trade.gov
Tel: +49 211 737 767 80

Sectors: Cosmetics, Jewelry, Footwear, Apparel

Nils Roeher

Commercial Specialist
Email: Nils.Roeher@trade.gov
Tel: +49 211 737 767 20

Sectors: Dental Equipment, Biotechnology, Security & Printing & Graphic Arts, Safety Equipment

Sabine Winkels

Commercial Specialist
Email: Sabine.Winkels@trade.gov
Tel: +49 211 737 767 40

Sectors: Giftware (incl. Handicraft), Household Consumer Goods, Tools/Hand and Power (inc. DIY Products), Lawn/Garden Equipment, Equestrian Goods, Hotel & Restaurant Equipment

Complete list of industry sectors served by our Commercial Specialists in Germany.