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Our staff in Athens, Greece

Bryan Larson, Commercial Counselor
Phone: +30/210/720-2302, 2303
Fax: +30/210/721-8660
Email: Bryan.Larson@trade.gov

Betty Alexandropoulou, Commercial Specialist

Phone: +30-210-720-2346
Fax: +30-210-721-8660
Email: Betty.Alexandropoulou@trade.gov

Industries: Audio/Visual Eq., Computer Services, Computer Software, Computers/Peripherals, Consumer Electronics, Dental Eq., Electronic Commerce, Health Care Services, Information Services, Medical Eq., Telecommunications Eq., Telecommunications Services

George Bonanos, Commercial Specialist
Phone: +30/210/720-2331
Fax: +30/210/721-8660
Email: George.Bonanos@trade.gov

Industries: Automobile/Light Truck/Vans, Automotive Parts/Services Eq., Renewable Energy Eq., Biotechnology, Education/Training Services, Franchising, Printing/Graphic Arts Eq., Financial and Professional services.

Irene Ralli, Commercial Specialist
Phone: +30/210/720-2224
Fax: +30/210/721-8660
Email: Irene.Ralli@trade.gov

Industries: Apparel, Architectural/Construction/Engineering Services, Commercial Aviation, Environmental Equipment and Services, Food Processing and Packaging, Packaging, Safety/Security, Shipping and Ports, Textile Fabrics and Made-up Products, Travel/Tourism Services, Tourism Infrastructure and Development, Water Resources Eq./Services – Equipment & Services and Government Procurement in these sectors.

Peter Tataris, Commercial Specialist
Phone: +30/210/720-2307
Fax: +30/210/721-8660
Email: Peter.Tataris@trade.gov

Industries: Aircraft/Aircraft Parts, Airport/Ground Support Eq., Military Aviation Services, Coal, Defense Industry Eq., Electrical Power Systems, General Industrial Eq./Supplies, Machine Tools/Metalworking Eq., Materials Handling Machinery, Oil/Gas Field Machinery, Oil/Gas/Mineral Prod/Explor Serv., Pumps/Valves/Compressors, Robotics, Agricultural Chemicals, Agricultural Machinery and Equipment, Agricultural Products, Agricultural Service

Nikos Papachryssanthopoulos, Budget Analyst
Phone: +30/210/720-2325
Fax: +30/210/721-8660
Email: Nikos.Papachrys@trade.gov

Teresa Gile, Commercial Assistant
Phone: +30/210/720-2136
Fax: +30/210/721-8660
Email: Teresa.Gile@trade.gov

Maria Georgousi, Commercial Assistant
Phone: +30/210/720-2302, 2303
Fax: +30/210/721-8660
Email: Maria.Georgousi@trade.gov