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Platinum Key Service (PKS)

Our Platinum Key Service is offered as a comprehensive, customized means of achieving your business goals through long-term, sustained support in order to navigate the increasingly complex international marketplace, including entry into the Greek market. Whether your business is a small, medium or large one, we can tailor the Platinum Key to your needs through a mutually agreed upon ‘scope of work’. Issues may include but are not limited to: market identification, product/service launch, project development, service/product or technical standards and registration assistance, and/or market development and facilitation.Costs vary according to the complexity involved and the time required for delivery and completion of the service (typically from six months to one year). Commercial Service Officers and Specialists are ready to work with you to identify your requirements and establish a detailed plan to help you achieve your specific objectives.

For more information about the PKS, please contact our office specialists depending on your industry.